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My own bear to cross

I was a distinct victim of false advertising today. Beki and I stopped into local upscale joint that promised to offer a "brunch buffet with jazz". As a fan of both brunch and jazz my curiosity was intrigued by this notion. There was indeed brunch...jazz...not so much. There concept of jazz included a goofy looking guy in a suit playing a keyboard. Yeah, I mean the kind with the built in drum machine, that kind. It was more like "Sunday brunch with the lounge lizard".
The was really good though. Good enough to keep me there through bad covers of Billy Joel tunes and uninspired old R&B songs. The final straw came in the most unsexy version of "Let's get it on" I've ever heard. Marvin Gaye was doing somersaults in his grave to this guy. Seriously.

Hey it's Jon and Physics

...Jon Tickle that is

Better Days

Got back late last night from a family get together at the lake house. After some really good food and a very impressive fireworks display (much of it from the people on the dock next to us whose mortar exploded. Don't buy illegal fire works people) A fine time was had by all. Still tired, but it was worth the drive.

Joys of home ownership

Today while I was out stretching on the driveway about top go for a jog, a FM code enforcer strolled up to me to inform me that it was against code to have a vehicle parked in the grass within city limits. The vehicle in question belongs to my sister in law. She parks in the grass due to the fact that she works all night and when she gets in the driveway is full (due to the fact that there is 6 adults here). Other than that there are no problems with our house. The problem is that this guy was very smug and high/mighty about the whole situation. It just bugs me because there are houses in this neighborhood that need much more attention than ours do. These guys really need something else to do with their time.

New projects aplenty

In an attempt to keep myself occupied while waiting for news I've been following several pursuits:

1. Learning Spanish- something I've wanted to do for awhile anyway. Plus, most of the schools in this county have a significant Latino population so it's a practical thing as well

2. Learning to juggle- a little thing (again) that I've wanted to do for a long time, but never got around to. I'm up to three balls four times in a row,

3. Working out- a never ending activity for me, I have lost 8 pounds thus far this summer with more to come.

4. Housework- especially with Beki taking her classes here recently. Again both practical and helping to keep m y mind off my lack of employment.

5. Baseball- Having signed up for MLB's Internet radio service I've been listening to most every Rays game recently. I've also (with much help form Beki) started a community for baseball in general and the Rays in particular right here:

6. Reading/ writing- I've been reading even more then normal. Plus, my short story ought to be ready to submit to   apex digest  next month

All in all many things going on. Sadly, I still find myself thinking about the job situation. Gotta keep going.


The grind that is mine

With all this extra time on my hands I've started writing again. Hopefully, my story will be ready for Apex next month. I wanted to ask what would be a good goal for writing on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?

Suck it ,Kobe!!

I very much enjoyed watching the Lakers blow a 24 point lead and get it handed to them by the Celtics. Sweet!!!

On a different note, am I the only one who sees some irony of a team called the Celtics on which there isn't a single white dude....seriously.

Shold I stay or should I go

Ran across this amusing pic. It's from a science website explaining fight or flight response.

Send me a steak boys

The Seminoles defeated Wichita St. to advance to the College World Series in Omaha. This is their first time back to the tournament since 2000. Hopefully we can finally win one.

GO NOLES!!!!!!

Never that I'd say this

The Boston Red Sox are officially on my shit list. Why? First on Wed. Coco Crisp (yes that is his real name) slides into Rays 2B Aki Iwamura hard and takes him out while stealing a base. Coco was out by a long way and had no need to crash into Aki like that. Crisp could have really injured Aki that way. Cut ahead to last night:

I've been routing for the Rays this year because they finally show some promise and they are as close to a home town team as I'm gonna get. (The BoSox play spring here, but even that is in question right now as they are debating w/ FM city council or some such).

Anyway the Sox were already leading 5-1 and I'll even admit they have a better ream than the Rays do. Therefore, Coco had no reason to nail Aki like that. It proves he's just a little punk. What gets me though is that the Red Sox as a team didn't censor him or anything for that. Guys get injured and have their careers ended because of crap like that, so it really pisses me off when I see it happening.


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